The Myth Of The “Serial Entrepreneur”

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Have you ever wondered about the resume titles of the self-proclaimed business people that have “created 20 businesses in the last 10 years”? The Serial Entrepreneurs?

The problem is that most of them are full of sh*t. If you have ever really built a business from scratch, you know that it takes years and years of daily work to build something significant and meaningful.

But what happens often is that a certain characteristic totally dominates some entrepreneurial people and this characteristic is called ‘’a need for variety’; These people are variety junkies. They are too cool to deal with operations and daily issues, they need a grand problem to solve every day. And every day needs to be super crazy and super different. Meanwhile, the reality is that a lot of times building a business is very routine, very basic and sometimes boring and slow.

And that’s why you have the “Serial Entrepreneurs” –people who cannot persistently work on a single business/project to scale it and make it big. They jump from one cool idea to another, build like 3 people teams, talk about ideas instead of execution and do it over and over again. Or even worse, they try to do like 5 different “businesses” at the same time, because otherwise it is just too boring. Let’s be clear – those are not Serial Entrepreneurs, those are energetic project managers that should work in a project management department of a big company – new shit every day, work on it a little bit and move on.

And I am not saying there is anything wrong with having started a few things in business that didn’t go well because they provide experience and awareness. But doing many different things without a single decent-size success and calling yourself “Serial Entrepreneur” is bullshit. People like Branson, Oleg Tinkov, Elon Musk and several less known are Serial Entrepreneurs – they have built big businesses in unrelated fields. That is a talent that very few of us have. So don’t mix this sh*t up.

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