There Is Only One Formula To Success – One For Every Person

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There is a popular belief that the formula to success is something you can learn from others. Some legendary and truly successful people usually share their success stories and promote this idea. But I think we need to make a distinction here – there are certainly basic principles for achieving success – doing what you love, working super hard, focusing, not quitting and so on. Those, however, are nothing but the ground rules. The rest of the formula can only be discovered by one person only – yourself.

I was trapped in this as well. I used to envy people that seemed to achieve things effortlessly – being in the right place at the right time, meeting up the right people, somehow seamlessly making the universe give them things they want. I always wanted the same and tried to follow their steps, but my success never seemed to come like that: I have always been a workaholic and results for me always came through hard fucking work. When I was 15, for example, I studied til 2am for 12 months in a row just to get into a school I wanted. And I got in with one of the best exam result. I had a panic attack when I was an undergrad intern in investment banking from being shit-scared to do conference calls with top management. But I completed the internship as the best in my group. Not to mention jobs like construction worker, janitor, gym assistant, shoe seller. I couldn’t afford to pay myself more than €500 salary for the first three years of my own business Creamfinance. But now my business turnover is more than €30M and I am the CEO, bitch.

And along the way there were people that always seemed to just enjoy success without that entire struggle; they kept repeating that working “smart’’ and being ‘’productive’’ is their motto. And then I caught doubting myself – it’s not cool to work super hard and struggle, something must be wrong with me. But then I looked back over the last 15 years and realized that my personal achievements were made simply doing what I want/have to do and the results came eventually. I have outgrown materially and emotionally every single one of those peers who were focusing on “working smart”. It’s not because I have some fucking talent, it is because I have developed emotional muscle for relentless focus and constant self-development. I developed my own personal formula for success which matches my personality and my circumstance. And in the long term, this formula will take me any-fucking-where I want to get.

So experiment as much as you can to see what works for you but at the end of the day develop and follow your own formula. There are universal guidelines and basic principles, but only you can really figure it out for yourself and find what fits you. Success formulas cannot be copied; it can only be a source of inspiration. JUST BE YOURSELF.

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